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The Notebook (0)

Nicholas Sparks

Genere: Sentimentale, Cinema

Editore: Warner Vision

Anno: 1998

Lingua: Inglese

Rilegatura: Flessibile

Pagine: 213 Pagine

Isbn 10: 0446605239

Isbn 13: 9780446605236


Every so often a love story so captures our hearts that it becomes more than a story-it becomes an experience to remember forever. The Notebook is such a book. It is a celebration of how passion can be ageless and timeless, a tale that moves us to laughter and tears and makes us believe in true love all over again... At thirty-one, Noah Calhoun, back in coastal North Carolina after World War II, is haunted by images of the girl he lost more than a decade earlier. At twenty-nine, socialite Allie Nelson is about to marry a wealthy lawyer, but she cannot stop thinking about the boy who long ago stole her heart. Thus begins the story of a love so enduring and deep it can turn tragedy into triumph, and may even have the power to create a miracle...

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Lo avevo già letto in italiano, ma il lingua originale è davvero una perla. Storia sempre bellissima, nonostante l'avessi già letta.