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Amélie Nothomb

Genere: Letteratura,

Editore: Voland

Anno: 2004

Lingua: Italiano

Rilegatura: Brossura

Pagine: 160 Pagine

Isbn 10: 8888700161

Isbn 13: 9788888700168


From France's 'literary lioness' (Elle), The Book of Proper Names is the story of the hapless orphan girl, Plectrude. Raised by her aunt, and unaware of the dark secret behind her past, she is a troubled but dreamy child who is both blessed and cursed by her intoxicating eyes. Discovered to have enormous gifts as a dancer, she is accepted at Paris's most prestigious ballet school where she devotes herself to artistic perfection, until her body can take no more.

In a brilliantly succinct story of haunted adolescence and lost mothers, Nothomb propels the narrative forward until Plectrude is forced to take command of her own fate.

Vintage Nothomb, The Book of Proper Names marks the UK debut of one of the most brilliant, ambitious, and idiosyncratic voices to have emerged in years.

'Slyly outrageous. [Nothomb] both disturbs and amuses.' New York Times

'Readers who have yet to discover the feather-ruffling pleasures of reading popular Belgian author Nothomb, winner of the Prix du Roman de l'Acad?mie Fran?aise and other prizes, should jump at the chance.' Kirkus Reviews

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