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La Fille Aux Yeux D'Or (1)

Honoré de Balzac

Genere: Classici,

Editore: Einaudi Tascabili-Serie bilingue

Anno: 1997

Lingua: Italiano con testo originale a fronte

Rilegatura: Non inserito

Pagine: 202 Pagine

Isbn 10: 8806128167

Isbn 13: 9788806128166


It is in the Tuileries, just outside the Cafe des Feuillants, that Henri de Marsay first catches sight of the girl with the golden eyes and can almost believe in love. Haunted by her shimmery image, returning daily to the Tuileries for another glimpse of her dark beauty, he learns her name - Paquita Valdes - and discovers her address. But a fairy-tale princess has never been more inaccessibly locked in a tower as has Paquita in a mansion on the Rue Saint-Lazare. Vowing conquest, Henri de Marsay elaborately plots his seduction of the girl with the golden eyes, but with his sensual triumph comes the bitter revelation that he has a powerful rival for the love of Paquita - the Marquise de San-Real, his own half-sister. A cry of vengeance and the call of blood bring Balzac's taut exploration of the dark side of Parisian society in this novella from his trilogy, History of the Thirteen, to its unexpected if inevitable end.

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