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The fortunes and misfortunes of the famous Moll Flanders (0)

Daniel Defoe

Editore: Giunti Editore

Anno: 2001

Lingua: Inglese

Rilegatura: Non inserito

Pagine: 288 Pagine

Isbn 13: 9788809020771


Born and abandoned in Newgate Prison, Moll Flanders is forced to make her own way in life. She duly embarks on a career that includes husband-hunting, incest, bigamy, prostitution and pick-pocketing, until her crimes eventually catch up with her. One of the earliest and most vivid female narrators in the history of the English novel, Moll recounts her adventures with irresistible wit and candour―and enough guile that the reader is left uncertain whether she is ultimately a redeemed sinner or a successful opportunist.

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