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Ghost & Lady T01 (01) (Seinen/Black Museum) (1)

Kazuhiro Fujita

Categoria: Manga

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Lingua: Italianoa
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ISBN 13: 9791032701195
ISBN 10: 1032701196

DARKEST NIGHTINGALE Deep in London s Scotland Yard sits an evidenceroom dedicated to the greatest mysteries of Britishhistory. In this Black Museum sits a misshapenhunk of lead two bullets fused together thekey to the untold story of a wartime encounterbetween Florence Nightingale, the mother ofmodern nursing, and a supernatural Man inGrey. The record books show Florence fought forcompassion as empires petty rivalries threatenedto destroy the hopes and lives of common people.But a guest in the Black Museum knows the truthis not so simple, and the famed Lady with theLamp had a ghastly secret "