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Moll Flanders EN (1)

Daniel Defoe

Editore: Harper Collins

Anno: 2010

Lingua: Inglese

Rilegatura: Flessibile

Pagine: 324 Pagine

Isbn 13: 9780007368563


Born into the seedy world of Newgate Prison and abandoned as a baby at six months old, Moll Flanders soon learns that she can only rely on herself. Her story is an unapologetic one of bigamy, prostitution and theft told in her own indomitable and alluring way. Scurrilous and incorrigible, the reader is left wondering whether Moll is merely a brazen criminal, or a victim or her own circumstance.

Defoe’s witty romp through the eighteenth-century underworld has much to say about the forces of good and evil and is undeniably one of his most satirical novels.

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